Cooperative Learning Strategies

The need to shift away from teacher-centered lessons to student-centered lessons. Cooperative learning allows students to learn and discuss with one another that get our students into thinking mood. Video Source Teachers who intend to adopt cooperative learning should keep the academic ability and characteristics of students into consideration. The key feature and success depend […]

Powerful Motivational Speech For Sports Athletes

When one steps into the competition, one must know that he/she is there to gain success. With determination to be first, the aim can stretch one to perform to the maximum potential. Students should have the same attitude in their studies. Low progress learners should believe they can learn as long as they do not […]

Danger Of Athletes Getting Eating Disorder

Michelle Sun shared about her experience how she was a competitive skater who started be obsessed with the need for strict diet for her weight control. Most athletes would usually have a strict diet to control their weight. There may even be nasty remarks by coaches because certain sports performance can be affected by weight […]