First Try Of Singapore Snacks By Japanese

Singapore has many local food as well as international food. Singaporeans love food and food is one of the most profitable businesses in Singapore. Singaporeans celebrate all occasions with food. One of the most common greetings is to ask another whether one has eaten. These two Japanese guys had received some local Singaporean snacks sent […]

Success Factors Of Singapore Education System

National Institute Of Education (NIE) has been responsible in getting teachers trained. Most teachers must complete one year or two years of training before they can receive a diploma in education and be recognised as a trained teacher. Video Source There are also teaching practicum where trainee teachers get to apply what they have learnt […]

Homeschooling In Singapore

Singapore has a compulsory education for all children. There are some parents who have chosen to homeschool their children. These parents have to apply permission from Ministry Of Education. Video Source I personally feel that one of the challenges in homeschooling is really to customize a curriculum for our own children. Discipline is needed to […]