Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Legend Told by A Little Girl

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is on 13 September 2019 this year.

I decided to do a short post about it.

I found a short videoclip about Mid-Autumn Festival done by two little girls from Singapore.

They must have supportive parents who have assisted them to put up videoclips on youtube.

Video Source

It is amazing to see such confidence while being filmed and there are already over 69k viewers at the point of my post.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated all around the world now.

One of the most common snack being eaten for this festival is mooncake.

I rarely eat it as it is very sweet but there are lots of different flavours nowadays.

After listening to the story-telling, I am quite sure you have a little idea about the legend of Mid-Autumn Festival.

I hope you have enjoyed this short post.

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