Changes Of School Systems

Many current education systems around the world are based on a one size fits all model.

Students are trained in batches in the exact same way at different levels without modification.

Most of them would require to listen and learn from the knowledge being delivered by their expert teachers.

Video Source

The videoclip above illustrated the problem in the old school system that resulted in students lacking in skills and adaptability to cope with the ever-changing world.

They need to innovate and constantly find solution to new problem as well as learn new skill to stay competitive and current.

They cannot cage themselves in stagnant knowledge without moving forward even after leaving their final stage of education.

The below is what many schools around the world would like to evolve into to cope with the 21st century demands for our future generation.

Video Source

Education is changing and older teachers would need to learn to teach differently.

Each teacher must have the growth mindset to change according to the season of needs by the world economical demands to equip our students with the ability to handle and cope with their future job demands.

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