Walk A Different Path Through Prison Education

Education can make a major impact to many who may have given up education in early years.

Many of these youths may have gone onto the wrong pathway and ended up in prison.

With all hopes gone, prison education provides the hope for a different future when they get out of prison.

Getting a degree before leaving the prison and having a decent job can change the once offender to become a useful citizen that he may never have thought he is capable of.

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Less than 1% of those who graduated from Hudson Link for higher education in prison would return to prison.

That is a good indication of how education has changed these prisoners who have received not just education but a chance to change their lives.

Below is another nice video about how Green Hill School makes a difference in the lives of youths who have walked the wrong pathway and changed them.

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As current educators and parents, we must ensure to educate the best we can for those that cross our pathway as education is indeed one of the greatest change agents.

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