Don’t Smoke

Two kids went around and pretended to have the intention to smoke.

They went around asking for a lighter from smokers.

All the smokers refused to light the cigarette for them and they even told them the harm of smoking.

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After the smokers shared their knowledge about the harm of smoking, the kids passed them a note about their worry for the kid’s health in smoking so they should also worry about their own health risk in smoking.

Addiction is something hard to kick off once started and we want our kids to stay far away from smoking.

I have recently found out two of my 12-year-old students have been smoking outside the school with older teenagers.

One of them brought two sticks of cigarettes as he wanted to pass them to another classmate that he knew he was a smoker too.

At the age of twelve, they are already smoking. As parents and teachers, we want to lead them to quit smoking and live a healthy lifestyle.

The truth is smoking may just be a way they find relieved from their stressful broken families.

We need to help them to find new ways to channel their frustration and anger of life in the right way and direction.

We may not always be successful in helping every child but we should never give up on anyone of them.

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