Singapore School System In The Lens Of Others

From the videoclip, you can easily see that stress and pressure for kids in education can be extremely high. Since Singapore does not have natural resources, one of the greatest budget allocated in Singapore is education. Singapore has a strong belief that education is one of the keys to the success of its small nation. […]

Do It To Learn It

Crest Secondary School in Singapore is a specialised school for students in Normal(Technical) Stream. These students may not do well in academic subjects when they were in primary school but they are given opportunities to learn practical hands-on skills for potential future jobs. Video Source Many students built confidence in learning when they discovered their […]

Digital Workplace For Better Learning Experience

In Singapore, NTUC Learning Hub provided skills upgrade for working adults. It is important because of new global demands of future automation workplace. Video Source Current working adults need to stay relevant by adopting and learning new skills under the skills future programme. Through upgrading, working adults can become future ready and embrace change positively. […]