The Effect Of Positive Mindset

This was a nice experiment about how positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement can affect the performance of individuals.

During the blindfold, we can see how previously poor basketball player became better with positive reinforcement and how a previously good basketball player had decreased in performance with negative reinforcement.

Video Source

With this simple experiment, we can see how powerful our words can be.

Our words can build and destroy.

As parents and educators, we can build a child to become better using positive reinforcement even if the initial performance may not look ideal but the performance can get better.

As an employer or senior staff, we can use positive words to build our employees to become better workers.

By having a greater awareness of what we say, we can nurture others positively in their development.

Our words can make a great difference in the future performance of others.

It is therefore important for us to always be mindful of what we say to others and ensure it builds and does not destroy others.

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