Singapore Education In The Eyes Of Others

Singapore has a reputation for its education system.

With the different test results when compared to the rest of the world, it emerges within the top ranking.

Each year, there are quite a few visitors from foreign countries to find out more about why the education system works.

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In Singapore, every child has an opportunity to learn regardless of abilities.

When a child does not do well academically, he would get an opportunity to enrol into a skill-based school that allows him to learn a skill for future survival and development.

It is a fact that every child can learn but not every child learns the same way and not every child has the same ability.

Primary School Education is compulsory in Singapore and Singapore government takes a serious stand in this.

Singapore education system goes through regular reviews and changes to keep up with the change of economic needs of future workforce.

The National Institute Of Education has a systematic way of training its trainee teachers to ensure that trained teachers are equipped with the essential skills to teach effectively in their classrooms.

Regular professional development and trainings are also conducted for trained teachers to keep up with the current educational demands.

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