New Bond With My Older Son

My 19-year-old son has recently started to get serious in content creation on steem platform with the introduction of Scots Platforms.

He is passionate about basketball and online gaming so Sports Talk Social and Steemace are the right platforms for him.

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With his involvement, we started to chat more since both of us have interest on steem platform especially in Sports Talk Social and Steemace.

He would consult me about different issues since I started earlier than him.

It is never easy in communicating with the youth these days.

My wife used to have regular arguments with my older son and the approach of scolding may not be well-taken by him.

All kids want respect even from parents and it would be hard to link with them when we do not show them respect for their opinions.

My older son was really excited about getting nice upvotes on Sports Talk and Steemace so he would share with me whenever he gets a big upvote.

The start of Scots Platforms may have provided an opportunity for me to bond with my son.

As parents, we just need to find the interest of our children to get the connecting point to link up with them.

Through regular communication, relationship will definitely improve and strengthen.

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