Kampong Glam Learning Trail

My students had just completed their National Examinations so one of the usual post-exam activities was to visit Singapore Heritage Site.

I was told that teachers would have to be the guide for the visit so I had to do a bit of my own research.

There are quite a few resources available online actually.


There are actually quite a few ready-made learning trail like those above to learn about this Malay Heritage Site, Kampong Glam.

I found a videoclip that shares about Kampong Glam.

This videoclip is definitely a good resource to be shown before the actual trip so that my students can have prior knowledge of the site that they are going to visit.

Video Source

As a modern day educator, we must be resourceful and adapt from available resources rather than coming with a new package that takes up too much of my time.

Bear in mind that I am a Math teacher so leading a tour may not be my comfort zone.

The fact that getting a tour guide may not be cost effectively so it is good way to cut cost for the school.

I must ensure I have enough information for each location that I introduce to the students.

I guess education is not just about filling their brains with academic knowledge but the awareness and appreciation of the diverse culture of other races in Singapore.

The learning journey is going to be on 1st November 2019 so I still have a few weeks to plan and discuss with other teachers to refine the learning journey learning package.

Thank you for reading my short post.

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