Adults Attempt PSLE Math Paper

PSLE is the national exam that 12-year-old students would take before leaving their primary school in Singapore. It would determine which secondary school they can attend based on the results of 4 subjects – English, Math, Science and Mother Tongue. In the videoclip below. some adults tried the PSLE Math paper and they really had […]

Start School Later For More Sleep

Nanyang Girls’ High is a popular school in Singapore for high achievers. Almost all students would enter the school with flying colours with good PSLE results in Primary 6. After working hard to get into the school, most students had to continue to work hard to enable themselves to continue to do well academically. Professor […]

Huge Investment On Education

Faye Wong is a well-known actress and singer in Singapore. In our local newspaper on 4 October 2019, it shared about her daughter being enrolled in the College Alpin Beau Soleil in Switzerland with school fee as high as S$138 000 (US$100 000) each year. Each year, many Singaporean parents would spend lots of […]

Digital Readiness In Singapore Students

There are many good initiatives by the Singapore government to ensure Singaporeans regardless of young or old would be ready for a digital future and embrace the benefits of what future technology can offer them. By the end of 2020, upper primary school students would be offered coding classes to enable them early exposure to […]

Develop Super Smart Babies In Singapore

Some Singaporean parents are willing to invest their time and money to develop their babies to become super smart. Those babies in the videoclip were being trained to develop photographic memory in the first 1000 days of their lives. Video Source The future of kids is always a priority of most parents in Singapore due […]

Understand Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a Math learning disability that hinders one from comprehending or learning arithmetic even for simple calculations and easy Mathematical facts. Ronit Bird, Dyscalculia Specialist, shared about the difficulties that children with dyscalculia faced. She suggested some possible symptoms and indicators that parents can take note of and how parents can help their children […]