Understand Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a Math learning disability that hinders one from comprehending or learning arithmetic even for simple calculations and easy Mathematical facts.

Ronit Bird, Dyscalculia Specialist, shared about the difficulties that children with dyscalculia faced.

She suggested some possible symptoms and indicators that parents can take note of and how parents can help their children at home in learning Math in the videoclip below.

Video Source

I have a student in my school who is diagnosed with dyscalculia. He is taking a modified Math curriculum in school for pupils who have difficulty in learning Math.

With the right attitude, his Math results had made good progress and he was able to do better than the other kids without dyscalculia.

Kids with dyscalculia can find Math more manageable when proper intervention is implemented early.

The first step is to understand the signs and symptoms of dyscalculia so that we can provide the necessary intervention early.

Below is a short videoclip about Niklas Goehle who is a boy with dyscalculia.

Video Source

There may be many other children like Niklas Goehle so we can make a difference in their lives by our awareness and the help that they desperately need.

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