Develop Super Smart Babies In Singapore

Some Singaporean parents are willing to invest their time and money to develop their babies to become super smart.

Those babies in the videoclip were being trained to develop photographic memory in the first 1000 days of their lives.

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The future of kids is always a priority of most parents in Singapore due to the competitive market and the desire for a successful future for their kids.

Babies were trained to look at pictures quickly as well as listen to fast instructions.

The course was meant to develop the potential of babies in the early stage of their lives.

It would cost parents between S$40 to S$70 per hour depending on the classes they sign up for their babies.

By providing visual and auditory stimuli, parents hope that their babies would become super smart.

The stress for the need of good education starts from babies for most parents in Singapore.

When education is mainly for academic performance and achievement, parents may neglect the need for the joy of learning.

Most children learn best when they are having fun and it also creates precious childhood memories.

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