Introducing Teachers Like Sports

It was an interesting way to highlight teachers like a sports news.

Boyd Maxwell and Perry Schmidt reported news about teachers like they were sharing exciting sports news.

I did not expect the presentation in this manner and it was the first time I watched their videoclip.

Video Source

The routine way of sharing about teachers may not always catch one’s attention so alternative ways may often work more effectively.

Teaching is no longer about students learning only what teachers teach.

The modern teachers are supposed to be facilitators of learning and not just teach and share knowledge.

Guiding students to find their own ways to acquire knowledge and understand what they have found on their own would be the aims of most teachers.

We need to use different ways to engage students in learning so there is no one way to teach all but how we can use many ways to guide effectively and customise learning for each child.

The above videoclip is a good example of how we can do things differently but still achieve the main objective.

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