Infusing Love For Math In Students

Eddie Woo aims to reach out to students beyond the classroom lessons by posting his lessons online.

Many students did not like Math until Eddie Woo made a change in their opinion about Math through ways that can engage them effectively.

He led students into meaningful discussion about Math problems to enable them to solve the questions gradually on their own.

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When students were able to start solving Math questions, they would gradually build up interest in this subject.

I am glad to find another Math teacher making an impact in Mathematics.

I am faced with similar situation for many years when I taught the graduation classes where students hated Math.

The first aim is to build confidence and interest with little successes.

Make Mathematics fun for kids and they start to find Math interesting.

When their attitudes change, they start to see themselves getting better in Mathematics.

They will start to like Mathematics after they discover Mathematics can be fun.

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