Creating Interest In Chemistry

Andrew Szydlo is a chemistry teacher who has a strong passion to promote the interest of Chemistry through his experiments like magic. The Science of changes with different components put together can promote the amazement of how Chemistry can be so interesting rather than simply memorising of formulas. Video Source He demonstrated different experiments with […]

Opinion Of Blockchain By Bill Gates

The truth is not everyone believes in blockchain and many may find blockchain being unreliable. Those who are involved in blockchain would find lots of potential but there may be a lack of stability due to the value based on the perception of investors. Bitcoin is the grandfather of all cryptocurrency can certainly affect the […]

Teaching English Without Teaching English

Roberto Guzman shared about how he used his three-phase system to guide his students in learning English without teaching them. It was the effort to improve the learning experience for students that he focused on the need of critical thinking skills and hands on language development skills. Getting students to think about what they are […]