Stay At Home Parents

There are people who envy housewives that can stay at home to look after their children.

They may not always see the other side of the story where many of them have to cope with housework, sick child and boredom.

The boredom would come when everything is like going through a repeated routine each day.

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It makes things worse when a husband, who comes home, totally does not help a single bit.

My wife did have insecurity as a housewife when she totally depends on me for her finance.

There are many different types of struggles and stresses that stay at home parents can have.

That is why some parents would choose to go out to work and leave their children to the maid.

It is never the same when we get a maid to look after our children.

Within us, there may be slight guilt especially when we have to work overtime and do not see our children often.

Kids that are taken care by their own parents may often have better inner security than those who are being taken care by someone else.

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