Asset Transfer Via Cryptocurrency

With the fear of Coronavirus all around the world, a thought came to me.

I remember one of the benefits of having cryptocurrency is one can move to another country quickly and he can still access his cryptocurrency using his active key for his crypto wallet.

In the past, a man who declares bankruptcy can really have no other source of fund elsewhere since government can easily check.

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The crypto world has provided a loophole for one to have a large fund in the form of cryptocurrency that cannot be detained easily by the government.

Cryptocurrency is also a nice backup fund if ever war breaks out and one needs to escape to another country.

Selling of property and transferring funds from banks may not be easy but cryptocurrency is an online fund that can be accessed anywhere in the world easily.

The government can detain the property and fund of individual when something happens but online assets like cryptocurrency would not be detained.

Regardless of war or coronavirus, one can quickly move to another country without the need to handle too many transfers of funds since most of the assets can be in cryptocurrency.

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I do admit that the prices of cryptocurrency can be rather unpredictable and one can even lose the fund when market is really bad.

One needs to weigh the pros and cons to take safe calculated risks to survive in this unpredictable world.

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