The Fear Of Coronavirus

After the announcement of the assessment status from Yellow to Orange for Coronavirus in Singapore, there were many who went to the local supermarkets to stock up different daily supplies.

There was an outbreak of panic buying resulting the out of stock for many daily items.

Many Singaporeans were preparing the possible need to stay at home due to the virus.

There were those who do not even want to get out of their houses to avoid the crowd.

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The number of cases in Singapore were below 40 but many measures were already taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Life still goes on and this fear may result in more panic buying as the daily supplies may not be available due to overbuying by many Singaporeans.

Supermarkets must be having great profit during this period. It took me hours to buy regular daily items recently which would only take less than 30 minutes in normal days.

It is good to take precaution like washing our hands regularly with soap and avoid crowded places.

All students were made to wash their hands with soap after their food and after different subjects that need them to use their hands for those activities.

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