Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus

Singapore has recently raised its risk assessment status from Yellow to Orange for Coronavirus.

Under the Orange status, the disease is labelled as severe and can spread easily between humans but it is still being contained in Singapore.

If the assessment status ever raises to red, it would be a major disruption as it is considered severe and spreading widely. Under the red assessment, schools may be closed and more people may be ordered to work from home.

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With the current situation in Singapore, Singapore schools have taken active steps to increase the number of recesses to avoid large crowd of kids in the canteen.

They were not allowed to play like their usual recesses but they were only allowed to eat as a class at their canteen tables and quickly moved back to their classrooms.

Subject teachers had to stay with them during recesses to ensure that they stayed as a class to reduce the contact with other classes and the possible contamination of other school areas if schools ever had to conduct mass cleaning as a result of suspected case.

A local Junior college teacher was affected by the virus. Students and teachers who were in contact with the teacher had to be quarantined at home for 14 days to ensure they were healthy before they were allowed to return to school.

All national school tournaments were cancelled to prevent large crowd.

Air-conditioned rooms were supposed to open up the windows and use the fans instead.

Some of the students were hoping for the red assessment so that there would be school closure.

The schools are prepared for homebased learning through assigned work from computers if there is a need for school closure.

Learning will not stop and the students would need to work from home even if there is a closure.

Singapore schools have been constantly preparing for such situation since the outbreak of SARS many years ago so that learning would continue regardless of the unforeseen situation when schools need to close.

After hearing about the online work from me if there is a school closure, some students were not so happy anymore.

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