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Dr Li Wenliang was one of those who tried to warn others of the possible SARS-like virus in December last year.

He was silenced by the Chinese authorities as they felt that he had caused false social disturbance without taking him seriously.

He was detained by police after telling social media about the new virus.

He was forced to sign a legal document to stop the spreading of such rumours.

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There were many China citizens who were angry with the authorities for not taking Dr Li seriously and they felt that they owed him an apology.

With the recent death of Dr Li due to the virus, many China citizens were indeed angry and sad.

Dr Li came forward as a socially responsible person to warn about the virus but he was not taken seriously and he was threatened by the authorities.

As parents and teachers, we should continue to be good role models to our kids and Dr Li was certainly a good role model for us.

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