Changing Lives Through Education

The World University Service Canada (WUSC) committee at the University of Lethbridge shared a common motto of ‘Education Changes The World’. It has helped student refugees to get a proper education so that they can provide them with a brighter future. Dr Al Barnhill had made a significant contribution to establish an endowment to assist […]

Process Drama

Yishun Town Secondary School in Singapore used Process Drama to teach their students values in their Character and Citizenship Education. Students were able to express their feelings for different scenarios from different perspectives. Video Source They were able to reflect and act on different unique situations to find suitable solutions in the imaginary world created […]

Inquiry-based Approach To Learn Science

Science is everywhere around us. Students should experience Science on their own rather than simply study Science like a dictionary. Inquiry-based approach would provide students with the opportunities to develop concepts, skills and attitudes through their own research and exploration. Video Source Townsville Primary School in Singapore has provided students with enriching Science experiences which […]

Infusing Love For Math In Students

Eddie Woo aims to reach out to students beyond the classroom lessons by posting his lessons online. Many students did not like Math until Eddie Woo made a change in their opinion about Math through ways that can engage them effectively. He led students into meaningful discussion about Math problems to enable them to solve […]

Bring A Family Together Through A Family Recipe

The grandmother of the family shared recipes with her daughter when she was still alive. Her grandson, who had his headphone on, may look disinterested whenever they were at the supermarket. When the grandmother was no longer around, a visit to the supermarket brought back memories. Video Source A family recipe may be lost when […]