Singapore After-School Activities

Singaporean kids nowadays have lots of after-school additional activities unlike how it was when we were young. With Singaporeans being competitive, many parents may send their children for extra lessons to ensure they do better in their studies. Video Source There are also many talent development programmes in schools to ensure students are well developed […]

My Parent Becomes My Classmate

Four parents returned to school as students. We are aware of how competitive schools can be in Singapore. Parents had the chance to experience and understand how their children feel in the current school system. Video Source Singapore schools are also going into digital classrooms with lots of online activities. These parents may find it […]

Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus

Singapore has recently raised its risk assessment status from Yellow to Orange for Coronavirus. Under the Orange status, the disease is labelled as severe and can spread easily between humans but it is still being contained in Singapore. If the assessment status ever raises to red, it would be a major disruption as it is […]