Revolution of Singapore Education

The world is changing and many would lose their jobs when machines can replace what they are currently doing more effectively and efficiently in future. About 25% of jobs would be replaced with automation by 2030 in Singapore. There could be 800-million jobs lost globally if we do a logical calculation. Education is one of […]

Why foreigners make Singapore their home?

Singapore has different culture and there are lots of rules. Some may have heard how strict the law can be but those who ever stayed in Singapore may have another view. Video Source Singapore is a country that has strong emphasis on racial harmony and equality regardless of race or religion. Everyone is treated fairly […]

Gaming To Learn Multiplication

Learning multiplication table can be extremely boring especially for young kids. It is still important to learn it as committing the multiplication table to memory with factual fluency would free up the working memory for other comprehension functions in Mathematics. Online gaming is already a trend even for young kids so instead of going against […]

Make History Alive Through Historia

Get pupils to learn social studies that brings history civilization to life. Students are engaged naturally into conversation. When students learn what they need to learn through this game-based learning, they enjoy learning and gaining new knowledge through fun activities and discussion. Video Source Teachers would make the necessary changes to make lesson engaging with […]