Digital Readiness In Singapore Students

There are many good initiatives by the Singapore government to ensure Singaporeans regardless of young or old would be ready for a digital future and embrace the benefits of what future technology can offer them. By the end of 2020, upper primary school students would be offered coding classes to enable them early exposure to […]

Develop Super Smart Babies In Singapore

Some Singaporean parents are willing to invest their time and money to develop their babies to become super smart. Those babies in the videoclip were being trained to develop photographic memory in the first 1000 days of their lives. Video Source The future of kids is always a priority of most parents in Singapore due […]

Understand Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a Math learning disability that hinders one from comprehending or learning arithmetic even for simple calculations and easy Mathematical facts. Ronit Bird, Dyscalculia Specialist, shared about the difficulties that children with dyscalculia faced. She suggested some possible symptoms and indicators that parents can take note of and how parents can help their children […]

Singapore Education In Industry 4.0

Qi Siang shared about how Singapore Education System can adapt itself for Industry 4.0 with the Campus City Concept. A more holistic and relevant education system through more flexibility and skill-based educational framework. As a Year-4 undergraduate at Yale-NUS college, he had passion for policy and current affairs. Video Source One of the interesting facts […]

Math Fun Fair At Singapore Science Centre

This was a fun Math exhibition at Singapore Science Centre. One of the aims was to enable kids to see how Math was expressed everywhere in nature and technology even though they may not see it directly. Video Source Kids would learn about the different implications of Math and its direct effects. As an educator, […]

Singapore Style Mathematics

Singapore is well known for its Mathematics performance around the world. The curriculum does have key principles that it follows even after reviews and changes every few years. Ministry Of Education has a syllabus guide that provides reference for all teachers as well as assessment. The Singapore style of Mathematics uses manipulatives like most […]

Singapore School System In The Lens Of Others

From the videoclip, you can easily see that stress and pressure for kids in education can be extremely high. Since Singapore does not have natural resources, one of the greatest budget allocated in Singapore is education. Singapore has a strong belief that education is one of the keys to the success of its small nation. […]

Do It To Learn It

Crest Secondary School in Singapore is a specialised school for students in Normal(Technical) Stream. These students may not do well in academic subjects when they were in primary school but they are given opportunities to learn practical hands-on skills for potential future jobs. Video Source Many students built confidence in learning when they discovered their […]